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Hello and welcome to em Beauty!

The world of eyelash extensions has always fascinated me. In the beginning I was very happy to be just an eyelash stylist. In the eyelash industry, it's either you love it or you hate it. My priority is to care for my clients' natural eyelashes as if they were my own. The small service has turned into a great passion. I have gained a lot of experience, tried endless techniques, trained myself in the industry and tried and tested all kinds of products. Until I have created a line that contains products that I personally use every day and now want to share them with you.

Here at emBeauty you get the best products in the field of eyelash extensions. We pay attention to every detail for comfortable work. We are always looking for top manufacturers to guarantee the quality and functionality of our products. It is also important for us to keep up with the latest trends in eyelash extensions.

We look forward to you and have fun at

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